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The group of Kattumadam established 1993 in Chakkarakkal. It has 10 branches. Sakaria, the son of Kattumadam Khadhar Haji visited best Indian companies of tiles, building materials, and sanitary items more times. So he know that the best quality of tiles, sanitary items and building materials.

During this period, in this section have faced tight competition therefore, Kattumadam sales best qualified items at low price. In Northern Malabar Kattumadam are the no.1 distributors of building materials and tiles –sanitary items.

Kattumadam gives best quality protection and whole-sale rate of the products for every customer. Kattumadam earned the best service award from best Indian companies. The 11th branch of Kattumadam will be inauguarated soon……

Our Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission

    Based on high priority for quality, fair and ethical business practices, use of modern technology and investment on human resources, Kattumadam Group has acquired leadership status in the district and become a major distributor of various building materials.We aims to maintain the leadership in the market via excellence in Sales, Competitive Marketing execution, and effective distribution"

    Our Vision

    Kattumadam is dedicated to bringing new and creative ideas on a continuous basis. We will continue to develop, maintain and grow our leadership and solid international brand recognition as the partner of choice for our clients in the global market place while adhering to the highest quality standards.